HRY Z ROKU "1989"

  8 Eyes 8eyes    PLATFORM
  Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon actfancr SHOOTING
  Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle alexec   PLATFORM
  Arbalester arbalest SHOOTING
  Astro Marine Corps: part I astromc1 PLATFORM
  Astro Marine Corps: part II astromc2 PLATFORM
  Bad Dudes baddudes FIGHTING
  Bad Lands badlands DRIVING
  Bay Route bayroute PLATFORM
  Big Run (11th rallye version) bigrun   DRIVING
  Blast Off blastoff SHOOTING
  Block Out blockout PUZZLE
  Bloxeed bloxeedc PUZZLE
  Cadash cadash   PLATFORM
  Camel Try cameltry MAZE
  Champion Wrestler champwr  VSFIGHT
  Continental Circus contcirc DRIVING
  Crime City crimec   PLATFORM
  Crime Fighters crimfgt2 FIGHTING
  Cue Brick cuebrick PUZZLE
  Dangerous Seed dangseed SHOOTING
  Diamond Run diamond  MAZE
  Dizzy: Treasure Island dizzyti  PLATFORM
  Don Doko Don dondokod PLATFORM
  Dragon Breed dbreed   SHOOTING
  Dragon Punch drgpunch PUZZLE
  Duck Tales dtales   PLATFORM
  Dynamite Duke dynduke  SHOOTING
  Dynamite Dux ddux     FIGHTING
  Dynasty Wars dynwar   FIGHTING
  E-Swat eswatbl  PLATFORM
  Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters eprom    SHOOTING
  Final Fight ffight   FIGHTING
  Flash Point fpoint   PUZZLE
  Galaxy Gunners galaxygn SHOOTING
  Gang Wars gangwars FIGHTING
  Gigandes gigandes SHOOTING
  Golden Axe ga1      FIGHTING
  Golden Axe goldnaxe FIGHTING
  Gradius III grdius3e SHOOTING
  Hachoo! hachoo   FIGHTING
  Hellfire hellfire SHOOTING
  Hippodrome hippodrm VSFIGHT
  Hybris hybris   SHOOTING
  Insector X insectx  SHOOTING
  Ironman Stewart's Super Offroad offroad  DRIVING
  Klax klax     PUZZLE
  Legend of Hero Tonma loht     PLATFORM
  M.I.A. - Missing in Action mia      PLATFORM
  Mad Gear madgear  DRIVING
  Maze of Flott mofflott MAZE
  Mechanized Attack mechatt  SHOOTING
  Meta Fox metafox  SHOOTING
  Midnight Resistance midres   PLATFORM
  Omega Fighter omegaf   SHOOTING
  Pang pang     PLATFORM
  Plotting plotting PUZZLE
  Plus Alpha plusalph SHOOTING
  Prehistoric Isle in 1930 prehisle SHOOTING
  Puzznic puzznic  PUZZLE
  Q-bert qbert    MAZE
  R-Type rtype    SHOOTING
  R-Type II rtype2   SHOOTING
  Rambo III rambo3ae SHOOTING
  Rambo III rambo3   SHOOTING
  Rick Dangerous rickd    MAZE
  Rompers rompers  MAZE
  S.P.Y. - Special Project Y spy      FIGHTING
  S.T.U.N. Runner stunrun  DRIVING
  Saint Dragon stdragon SHOOTING
  SAR - Search And Rescue searchar SHOOTING
  Shadow Dancer shdancer PLATFORM
  Shanghai II shangha2 PUZZLE
  Sichuan II sichuan2 PUZZLE
  Silkworm slkworm  SHOOTING
  Skull & Crossbones skullxbo FIGHTING
  Sly Spy slyspy   PLATFORM
  Special Criminal Investigation sci      DRIVING
  Sports Match sprtmtch PUZZLE
  Street Gang streetg  FIGHTING
  Street Smart streetsm VSFIGHT
  Strider strider  PLATFORM
  Stunt Car Racer stuntcar DRIVING
  Super Monaco GP smgp     DRIVING
  Super Volleyball svolleyu SPORTS
  Task Force Harrier tharrier SHOOTING
  The Astyanax astyanax PLATFORM
  Toki toki     PLATFORM
  Turbo Out Run toutrun  DRIVING
  Twin Falcons twinfalc SHOOTING
  U.N. Squadron unsquad  SHOOTING
  Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation vaportra SHOOTING
  Volfied volfied  MAZE
  Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight wildfang FIGHTING
  Willow willow   PLATFORM
  Wings of Death wodeath  SHOOTING
  Wit's wits     MAZE
  World Grand Prix wgpjoy   DRIVING
  X Multiply xmultipl SHOOTING
  Zero Wing zerowing SHOOTING